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Thursday, 3 April 2008

Free Yahoo Backlink

All you have to do to obtain your free yahoo backlink is sign up to yahoo mail here. Once you have filled out all your details and have set up the account.

Sign in and got to my account you will be asked for your password again. Then go to edit/Create profiles on the right hand side.

Then click Create New Public Profile. Create the profile and at the bottom of the create profile you can place four backlinks to your very own sites.

Sweet yeah!?

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Buying Links

As most of us know, Google DO NOT LIKE Webmasters buying links to aid there link building campaign. Google see it as cheating and will penalise any webmaster caught buying or selling links.

But on the other hand buying links does work and will help you climb the daunting ladder to rank no1. Not only does it work but for some webmasters, its worked really well.

I have had plenty of websites which i have bought links and made the top ten in Google for a popular keyword. The downside was Google noticed some of the sites and my listing completely dropped out of Googles radar.

I think the trick is to buy links in moderation, as well as doing white hat link building.

If you are thinking of buying links, here are some principles to consider.

Consider the risk factor. Like i said earlier if Google does find out you are buying links, you will most likely be penalized. However, if you can get links that don't disclose that they are paid, Google will have a harder time figuring out whether links are bought. Also, how can they prove that you bought the link.

Another thing to remember when buying links. Is that it may be a lot easier to get away with buying links if Google trusts your blog. The easiest way to gain trust from Google is gain your rankings within the white hat rules. Also age comes into also as Google, will have more trust in a blog which has always kept within the rules for say five years than one which has just joined the scene.

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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Four Link Building Ideas

Links from unused blogs

I no a lot of internet marketers and webmasters do not like blog spamming just like im sure the creators of the blog do not like blog spamming.

But how about we find a blog no one uses any more, in fact there are thousands and thousands of blogs out there that online webmasters create and do noy use.

All we need to do is search google for the niche yor website is in for example "Money" and add "blog" so we have the keyword "Money Blog".

The keyword "money Blog" has 464,000,000 results, im guessing its pretty much obvious that the first pages results are not going to be unused. (you would be lucky to get an unused blog in the top 10).

So its probably a good tip to skip a few hundred pages to find our unused blogs.

What we are looking for are blogs which havent had a post in the past year or so. Dont be fooled by the date it shows at the top as that will be the prsent date not the date last posted. Once found just add a comment to one of the posts and add your link.

Hey presto!!! your link from an unused blog keep doing this and you will have hundreds of links in no time.

Using forums as Bait for your Articles

Its a well known fact that creating and submitting articles creates you links, not only the link back from the publishing site but from others who choose to copy your article, but this can take time.

For instance you submit an article to a article submission site and the publish your article, for you to get links back from others, you one have to wait for someone to read the article and two they have to really like it.

A quick way to get your content viewed and rated it is to submit article link which points to your website on high traffic forums. (Which gains you a deep link to your article)

if its good when ever anone on the forum has a query regarding your subject you written about they normally point it your way. (The more traffic you have the more chance someone will copy your content and link back).

Offer to write a review about a website on a blog

If you have a blog with reasonable pr pr3+.

Try this.

Contact as many webmasters as possible and offer to write a review of their site on you pr3+ with a link to their site in the content of the review.

Explaining to them that a one way link is more powerful than reciprocal and that a one way text link within content is even more powerful than just an ordinary one way link.

In return you ask them for a one way link to your websie not your blog of their homepage.

Trust me it works.

Quick directory submission

Directories are one of the easiest ways to get free one way links, the problem is they yake ages to fill out the submission forms. After the 10th submission you get bored and look for quicker and easier ways to get links. (which actually turn out not to be so easy)

Here is a really good tool which after you enter the your details fills out the forms for you

Saving you so much time.

And here is a link to thousands of free directories to get you started