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Thursday, 3 April 2008

Buying Links

As most of us know, Google DO NOT LIKE Webmasters buying links to aid there link building campaign. Google see it as cheating and will penalise any webmaster caught buying or selling links.

But on the other hand buying links does work and will help you climb the daunting ladder to rank no1. Not only does it work but for some webmasters, its worked really well.

I have had plenty of websites which i have bought links and made the top ten in Google for a popular keyword. The downside was Google noticed some of the sites and my listing completely dropped out of Googles radar.

I think the trick is to buy links in moderation, as well as doing white hat link building.

If you are thinking of buying links, here are some principles to consider.

Consider the risk factor. Like i said earlier if Google does find out you are buying links, you will most likely be penalized. However, if you can get links that don't disclose that they are paid, Google will have a harder time figuring out whether links are bought. Also, how can they prove that you bought the link.

Another thing to remember when buying links. Is that it may be a lot easier to get away with buying links if Google trusts your blog. The easiest way to gain trust from Google is gain your rankings within the white hat rules. Also age comes into also as Google, will have more trust in a blog which has always kept within the rules for say five years than one which has just joined the scene.

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