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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Free Ps3

The new 80gb version of the Ps3, has know reached UK stores. The new version offers a free Dual shock controller and the obvious, more memory!

But what if i was to offer you a Free Ps3? Surly you would snap my fingers off!

Yeah but you ask! Whats the catch? (This gets asked a lot)

Well, all you have to do is sign up to one of the offers available. Lovefilm is free but not recommended. (Takes up to 28 days to validate).

I recommend any of the betting offers, as these validate almost instantanioulsy! Also you have the chance to win more money. So aswll as a free Ps3, you could potentially profit some extra cash!

Once you have signed up to an offer, you have to refer some friends to do exactly the same! When you signed up you where give a unique referral link. Use this link in emails to friends or on your website!

When you have reached the quota you need for your Free Ps3. Your account will then be checked over, to make sure you havent tried to scam the system. Assuming you havent tried to sam the sytem you Free Ps3 will be sent in the post. Also for FREE!

Sign up for you free ps3