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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Free 80gb Ps3

As you may or may not know? But the 80gb version of the Ps3, has hit the Uk shops! Apart fom the obvious of extra memory. The 80gb Ps3, comes with a free Dual shock controller! Saves you spending £39.99 on one!

But what if i was to say, it is now possible to get one of these bad boys for free?

I'm sure the majority of you would be like. "Yeah Right!"

But its true!

So whats the catch? You ask!

Well, all you have to do is Sign up here.

Once you have signed up you must complete an offer. The offers available, range from free to about £15. The Lovefim offer is free, but if you want your free ps3 as quick as possible, then i don't recommend this offer! (Lovefilm offer can take up to 28 days to validate!)

Maybe instead, complete any of the betting offers. Not only do they validate almost instantaneously, but you also have the chance of winning some extra pocket money, as well as a free Ps3!

Once you have completed an offer, you must refer 10 friends, to do exactly the same as what you have just done! (When you signed up you where given a unique referral link). Looks like this.

Send this link to as many friends as you can, or if you want you could put this link on your blog/website!

When you reach the 10 referrals needed. will verify your referrals, just to make sure, any of your referrals haven't broken the terms & conditions.

After have verified you referrals, your free ps3 will be sent via the post for FREE!

And there we go, your guide to a free ps3.

Sign up for your free ps3 today!

For more ideas on getting referrals, check out my freebie forum! Not only does the forum help you get more referrals, but you can also check, what others have got for free!

Oh, did i not tell you?

Your not just limited to a free ps3, you can also get a lot more stuff for free. Check for info!